An FBI agent investigates a possible Ponzi scheme with the help of his new assistant, who may have an agenda of her own…Burson, partner in a CPA firm, makes good use of his financial background in constructing this tight, well-paced and well-researched story. Details—whether of investment schemes, FBI bureaucracy or the workings of small planes—are clear and contribute to the plot. Murphy makes for a likable narrator…

An intelligent, fast-paced and well-constructed novel about financial crime. – Kirkus Reviews

A Partner’s Hidden Life

In Burson’s terrorism thriller, a master plan is set in motion to unleash a biological contagion on the San Diego-Mexico border…When FBI special agent Sean Murphy is transferred to the warm, Southern California confines of San Diego, he’s worried about earthquakes…Murphy’s worst nightmare comes to light when an earthquake rocks his office; however, this act of nature reveals a tunnel running under the border, which hints at a far greater conspiracy against humanity. Burson’s narrative is doused with unexpected secrets and deceit to the point where no one is safe. Arab terrorists have infiltrated the U.S and Mexico, perhaps as sleeper agents, and they’re planning a bioterrorism attack that will dwarf the devastating impact of 9/11. On the one hand, these terrorists will stop at nothing to ensure destruction; on the other, Sean Murphy and his group of intelligence agents are willing to pay the ultimate price to protect the free world…

A dynamic cast holds together this unpredictable thrill ride. – Kirkus Reviews


In the days after 9/11, many reporters wrote stories about where Al Qaeda might strike next: buildings, monuments, infrastructure. In the intervening years, it has become clear that high-profile sites are not the only vulnerable targets. A combination of events could create vulnerabilities that allow the unthinkable to happen. This is what Robert Burson’s Vulnerability explores: a world where an inadvertent union in the Middle East can almost take the world to war.

Burson weaves his tale at a rapid-fire pace, with the action cutting back and forth between different points of view. Most chapters are no more than a page long, and Burson easily moves the story from London to Washington to Saudi Arabia.

Burson’s story of a threatening situation in a currently volatile part of the world makes this thriller both timely and compelling. – ForeWord Reviews


In Burson’s latest thriller, wisecracking FBI agent Sean Murphy is back to foil a plot to tear apart the Vatican and the American Roman Catholic Church.

Murphy is a thoroughly likable character, thanks in part to his proclivity for corny humor. Burson’s deft action sequences are well-timed…provides his readers with a lively, divertingly suspenseful yarn… An engaging… thriller that will satisfy Burson’s fans and likely entice new readers. – Kirkus Reviews

A Romanov Returns

This is a well written book that has a fast moving plot that moves back and forth between Russia, Washington, and the San Francisco Bay area weaving together characters from big oil money, academia, historic Russia, and of course, good spies, bad spies and assassins.

The plot is almost predictive of the current oil crisis and how big oil money and international economics do not always work in the best interests energy conservation and the search for oil alternatives.

The second half of the book will keep you on the edge of your chair as the search for the bad guys moves faster and faster finally ending in an international surprise that will certainly change world oil politics.

Yes, there is a love story too, but it complements the plot. – R.E. Kneeshaw, M.A.