The Prophecy

– 102 –

I just lay there trying to get my heart out of my mouth hearing nothing. When I hit the sidewalk, I managed to roll, softening the impact. Still, I wanted to take my time to make sure all of Sean was there and working within tolerances. Sounds started returning. It was then I heard what I thought was the sound of tires squealing. It suddenly occurred to me that whoever had made a pass at me might be returning to finish the job. Clambering to my feet, I headed for the front door as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast. I had definitely sprained my left ankle. Looking over my shoulder, I thought I caught a glimpse of a dark sedan coming in my direction. This being Washington D.C., a dark car accelerating down the street was hardly out of the ordinary. Not wanting to take any chances, I broke into what I could only, with a great deal of charity, be described as a sprint. Thankfully the front door was close, so I didn’t have to run far. As I burst through the front doors and dove onto the marble floor, I thought I heard popping.

It had taken a few years, but every federal building in the Capital had been equipped with metal detectors and armed security personnel, both starting making sounds. The guards were yelling and the equipment was bonging. As soon as I hit the floor, I managed to roll over on my back grabbing my gun. I was sliding away from the doors with weapon aimed out towards the street. The security guards were ready to treat me as public enemy number one when the front door glass simply disintegrated. The guard closest to me went down, grabbing at his chest. Unfortunately, I had been right about the popping sounds.

As quickly as it started, it was over. Whoever had attacked me, chose to leave and fight another day. I crawled over to the downed man. He was clearly in a bad way, losing a lot of blood. His partner appeared dazed as he approached us. He was yelling something, but it was incomprehensible. I decided to raise my hands. After getting lucky outside, I didn’t want to get shot by accident inside. This was apparently what he wanted me to do. Of course, it didn’t do anything for the shot man. The other guard approached, waving his gun. I could see from his look he really wanted to do something. I was afraid his something, was to shoot me. I tried in vain to explain I was a Fed, but it just wasn’t sinking in. Fortunately, all hell broke loose next.